PSA: On Perfectionism

PSA: Telling someone to, “Stop being a perfectionist,” is like saying, “Stop having allergies.”  Chances are, the perfectionists in your life already wish they could stop, and they take measures to keep trucking and being productive, and some of them may take medication if the perfectionism is related to a mental disorder, and they are doing the best they can.  Probably, they are letting things slide that you do not even have the capacity to SEE because you do not need things to be perfect, and your telling them to, “Stop being a perfectionist,” is already a moot point because they are forced to accept at every turn that nothing in life is perfect, least of all them, no matter how hard they try to achieve the impossible.
You love perfectionists because they are why things at your workplace get done that other people overlook; because they remember your likes and dislikes and work hard to prove that every single day; because sometimes the quirks and the memes are funny; and because if you had to one day be without them, you could say goodbye to people like your hairdressers, the chefs at your favorite fancy restaurants, the doctors who do surgery on you and your pets, the people who design the artwork you hang in your home, the coders who make websites like this one, etc.  You could say goodbye to DISNEYWORLD.  We make up a lot of the population, and even when we seem to make your lives harder, it is because we are putting every possible ounce of effort into making them easier.

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