kedim xv through xviii: undersea

For the past week or so I have been working on a project for WOLF.

I am creating my own pack in the game, and I am attempting to do as much of the work as possible without asking for assistance, which is proving somewhat challenging.  My skill in Adobe Photoshop is iffy at best.  I have to be honest: work was so insane this week that I created little to nothing on Monday or Tuesday, and from the seventeenth to the eighteenth I have been mainly focused on making territory maps.  I will turn back to the coffee can later for some more ten minute scribbles, but for now, I will show off some things I am ridiculously proud of.

The idea behind this map is that sections of it will “unlock” as forum posts accumulate.  This is to encourage activity and to keep the territory interesting.  You know how, when you play an MMO, there is almost always a starter zone?  Yeah.  I am pretty excited for this pack, and even if it flops and everything fails, I will still be proud that I tried.  I have waited a really long time to take the plunge.

The following names are the intellectual property of the WOLF game:

  • Cerulean Cape
  • Totoka River
  • Sea Lion Shores

Not sure if I have to put that somewhere, but in case I do, there it is.

Now, without further ado, here are the maps.

For the rough draft, I enlarged the game map, and traced things.

For the final-ish draft, I edited that actual picture in Adobe Photoshop and basically just tried not to screw up.  I cleaned up the edges of the outline with the eraser and pencil tools and then I just did a bunch of other stuff that I cannot really remember.  My wrist is killing me.  The font used is called Timeless from


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