kedim x: feral

for sid, who deserves way more than a ten minute coffee can poem

I was soft when we met:
tame as your sweetest house cat
with approximately half of the street smarts.

There are dogs who will tolerate anything:
tail pulling
ear pinching
being sat on and bowled over —

soft dogs
tame dogs
sweet dogs —

when we met,
there was no bitch in me

no curl of lip
no glint of alabaster

I knew meek and I knew mild
I knew to sit and to lie
to speak when spoken to
to beg and to go down on command
I knew that no means NO

(except when I say it)

I knew masters and leashes
fences and walls

and when I finally got away
I didn’t know how to be free

I didn’t know that
bitches eat first

sit when they want
lie when they want
beg when they want
speak when they want
go down when they want

say no and mean NO
cut their teeth on bone

I didn’t know that
until you taught me

you taught me to run wild
sit when I want
lie when I want
beg when I want
speak when I want
go down when I want
say no and mean NO
cut my teeth on bone

you taught me how to be free


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