kedim ii and iii: writing on napkins

For the curious, I have managed to keep my pledge thus far.  I’m already struggling with what I’m calling the Broadcasted Accountability Aspect [BAA!] of this challenge, though.  I’m not very active on any kind of social media, so when it comes to proving I’ve actually reached my daily goal, I fail big time.  Still, as this blog is called The Unapologetic INKDOG for a reason, I’ll let myself off easy.

On that note, my work schedule leaves my Mondays and Tuesdays virtually emptied out in terms of time.  If it continues to be too hectic for me to post on those days I’ll initiate “Work Ate Me!” Wednesdays to showcase any content I’ve missed.

So, that’s what we’re doing today!

Also, grammar?  I don’t care about it on this blog.

That’s a lie.  I do care.  In fact, I have reread this post at least ten to fifteen times already and have made a plethora of miniscule changes that would probably have made zero difference to any of you — and I’m already doing it again.


I have a tendency to get writing ideas at very inopportune times, specifically when I am a. driving, b. showering, c. ¾ of the way asleep.  Because of this, I do a lot of writing on things that aren’t quite ideal: tissues, napkins, my left hand, etc.  Today I’m going to share some of the snippets I scribbled on day two of KEDIM.  ♥


I thought the light in your eyes was the sun
but the deeper I sank into them, the more I realized:

the light was merely fire.

I couldn’t see its heart, so I tried to feed it, appease it —

but the fire got hungrier.

My hands got emptier.

I drew from my wellspring and I gave the fire blood.

I thought it would never run empty.


Who left you on the roadside in the rain?
Does someone miss you or have you been replaced?
— regarding a plush tiger

“Be reasonable,” you like to say.
You compared us to other warzones.
— regarding my adoptive parents


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