kedim i: pledge

I’ve decided to embark on a month long journey to get back into creating regularly, whether I’m writing, making ASMR videos, or practicing a new creative skill I’ve always wanted to learn.  A few things I’m particularly interested in trying are needle felting, calligraphy, and painting.  I’ve also been neglecting skills that I took great pains to cultivate and purchase materials for: e.g. 매듭 [“maedeup” — a traditional Korean art form involving knotting and braiding], playing the piano, and a plethora of DIY projects.

I filched the idea from YouTubers who participated in VEDA [Vlog Every Day in April].  I know that VEDIM [Vlog Every Day in May] is also a thing — but I don’t vlog.  Not habitually, anyway.  I thought about calling my project CEDIM [Create Every Day in May] but another thing I’d like to do is focus on studying Korean every day.  People say, “If you don’t use it, you lose it,” and I don’t want to lose the little Korean I learned so far.

So…KEDIM?  Kreate and Korean Every Day in May?  I kind of like it.  Unfortunately, when May started I was knee-deep in an overnight shift at work, which doesn’t leave me a ton of time or muse to create much of anything.  I’ll let myself off easy and say that writing this pledge is at least writing something — and if there’re several cop-outs like this throughout the month, I’ll try to let myself slide.  I’ll have to make up the Korean component when I get home from work.  Maybe I’ll just try to translate this post and post what I get on Italki.


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